Thursday, October 20, 2016

Home (Bitter) Sweet Home

Too poor to be the Waltons...
It's a kind of landmark. With mom Carolyn Beaupre moving to Lakeside Manor (855 Brinkby Ave. #118, Reno 89509 | 775.827.3606), for the first time in 63 years, there is no one with the last name Beaupre living in Virginia City. Seeing the house we built as a family makes me tear up a bit. It was my mom's dream home when we moved in in 1959. It's way too early to know if things will work out in Reno for mom, or what's going to ultimately happen with the house. Just feels very strange to think there is no family in Virginia City. Many, many years of memories, celebrations, great food, and so much love, the walls could barely hold it all.

"OMG, Jon! I was in that house in the summer of 1978 when I was traveling across country via Greyhound bus and dropped a dime (! ) in the payphone to look you up. You weren't around but your sister Heather answered and your folks took me in for a few days (and I went back a few months later for the Clampers (?) ball). It was one of the most unusual, enlightening experiences I've ever had in my sheltered life!!! I know that house!!!!!"
  - Patricia Pippert

Patricia, you make me laugh and cry at the same time. I'm so happy you got to see this place. I had forgotten that you stayed there! Much love then and now to you and yours..  I remember being at a bar with your dad and he asked me if I wanted another drink. I said, "I'm fine." He said, "I know that. But do you want another drink." Really taught me about the power of language/humor and how to accept a compliment.
 -Patricia Pippert

I have some great memories of that house. It was just yesterday! Need to find those photos.  Oh man. We all got a large dose of "adult" in VC.
  - Vickie Wolfe

Hey - you know the place as well as anyone! Do you remember that my dad greeted Birdie at the front door in his jockeys and just about nothing else but a glass of wine?
  - JNB

I don't think I knew another way to open ones front door till I moved away...
  - Desiree Davis

I really have to wonder if you know the family of my best friend. The Jumps. I know there are many in the cemetery up there.  I'm actually originally from Miami, so it's not a completely new experience. I'm enjoying watching the leaves change that's for sure! I do miss my mountains, though.
  - Maureen O'Conner Weaver

Maureen, belated happy birthday! I'll have to look for the 'Jumps' in the cemetery when I am next up there. How do you like living away from the west coast (well, away from Reno anyway...)?

Oh, I so feel for you,Jon. My family lived in the same house in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, for 50 years. When we had to let go of the house, I felt utterly bereft.  Truth is (and was) that a lot of complicated life took place in the house where I grew up....which for me, layers the nostalgia. Maybe this is true for you, too, with your childhood home. Everyone has a unique experience.
  - Melissa Hurst

Melissa, I remember hearing about the Chagrin Falls house when we were in school together - sounds like a magical place (both the city and your home).

I may have visited that house once or twice when young. Sad times when only memories are attached to a place.
  - Donna Marmorstein

I am so torn. Love the memories keep is informed
  - KJ Johnson

I loved living in V.C. And I love the Beaupre family dearly!!!!!
  - Glenda Jenson

Remember you will always hold the home you loved and memories with you in your heart. It will bring those happy times to you when ever they are needed to bring you a smile. Just like a decamp bus line bus 33. I always think of excitement and stories it was holding to be told by its passengers. : )
  - Valerie Mays

Wow, that's quite the thought...
  - Jenn Violet Callahan

Nice post Jon ... memories ...
  - Jani Buron

Virginia City? I didn't know this about you. I had fun up there when my cousin lived in Carson. Lots of history.
  - Ellen R. Stein

"Jon Thank you for the image of THAT House... The stories you've written and told... The amazing life-context you created of your childhood there rests vividly inside me. I recall my own visit to Virginia City, Nevada and how I walked down the street to see that home and to see the hotel that your family managed... It's so vivid and such a great family history Jon. My spirit is with you just now...Remember the story of the airplane in the basement? Remember the story of ice skating in the bedroom?
   - Lynn McLaughlin

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