Monday, October 08, 2012

Abridged List of Online Autonomous Agent Examples
V. 1.0  (Last updated July 11, 2012)

'Diva Dance' from 'The Fifth Element'
I've got a thing for androids.
Over the years of studying, reading about, and commenting on them, it was inevitable that I would put together a list of my favorite autonomous agents.  This list is by no means comprehensive or thorough, and I eagerly await your suggestions!  The rules of what fits into this category are very broad, but essentially consist of some sort of human interface connected with an autonomous logic/language algorithm, pretty much interpreted however you feel.
Please suggest additional examples of bots, avatars, androids or other autonomous agents.  You can either leave a comment (pull down the comment menu at the upper right of the page linked above) or send me directly your recommendations.  Also, if you have any interest in curating this page, let me know that as well.  Have fun!  

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