Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Sound Slide Production

In fooling around this afternoon, I wondered how long it would take and how expensive it would be to put a sound slide presentation on my blog.  There is a wide range of open source software available to make this a reality in very short order.  Recording both the photos and the audio was a snap with the iPhone.  They, they pictures and audio were emailed to myself (although they could be emailed to a newsroom just as easily) for further editing and prep.  I cleaned up the photos in Mac's 'Preview' utility, and edited the audio in a free version of Audacity.

I assembled the elements in Wondershare's 'Fantashow' software, which was intuitive and super easy to use.  There are undoubtedly other, perhaps better sound-slide production programs available - most notably 'Sound Slides' itself, but the main purpose is to give the content producer the ability to easily and quickly assemble sound slide presentation.  Fantashow did this with ease, even though the templates and 'styles' they offer are a bit lame.  In any case, it was a fast 20 minutes or so, and the presentation was up an operating.  Take a look at the results...

Also, we're trying out an online database system.  'SodaDb' seems interesting and worth an examination:

We will continue to develop this idea to end up with a simple, usable open source online database.

Wondershare 'Fantashow':  rapid 'sound-slide' prototyping and production.

SoundSlides: the industry standard; widely used for rapid sound+slide show production

ProShow Gold:  well known, very popular and feature rich sound slide production software; not available in Mac version at present

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